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The Adventures of Carlee & Charlie

The Adventures of Carlee and Charlie are a slightly satirical series for children who are growing up and child-like grown-ups.

#1 – A New Home

Carlee is typical eleven-year-old: she loves roasted swan, hates swamp slugs, owns her own lakeside cottage, and has a dragon for a best friend, named Charlie.

When Charlie accidentally burns down Carlee’s cottage, the two friends set out to search for a new home. Unfortunately, the village mob, two murderous trolls, and a psychotic wizard with low self-esteem stand in their way.

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#2 – Kingdom 46

When King Herbert Shrub hears of the incident in Furrybottom, he is convinced by his advisors to declare a full-scale war against dragons.

Unfortunately, there’s just one dragon in the kingdom: a perfectly friendly dragon named Charlie, whose only companion is a little girl named Carlee. When Charlie is captured, Carlee sets out to rescue him from the clutches of the kingdom and the politics of war.

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#3 – Master Wallum

On the day Carlee had her ninth birthday, there was no celebration. No one brought her a birthday cake or sang her a song. She didn’t get a toy to play with, or a party with lots of smiling faces. She was a slave of the terrible Master Wallum. But all of that would change, on the day when a dragon emerged from the forest.

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#4 – Wallum Mart

Carlee and Charlie are finding it hard to get along, which is not making for a great day for Carlee. But it is about to get a lot worse when she runs into the worst of all horrible people: her former slave master Wallum and his terrible daughters. But they aren’t the only new ones to show up in the kingdom…

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Books as Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt is a character created by Matthew Dean. On Facebook and Twitter, he gives satirical advice on relationships, sexuality, life, death, pet ownership, and mustache grooming. He also writes books.

Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid!
The Anti-Self-Help Guide

newcover3_createspace_02Are you tired of having stupid problems? Want them to stop? Have you tried just stopping them?

In this satire of self-help books, “Dr. Matt” sternly steps you through eliminating all of your problems (guaranteed), using silly metaphors, strange anecdotes, and the shortcomings of Superman to tell you how it’s done.

If you’re willing to not take yourself, your problems, or Dr. Matt’s advice too seriously, then this is probably the book for you.

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When It Comes To Relationships, You’ve Been An Idiot


So, you’re still rubbing those sore spots from a previous relationship.  This time, you promise yourself, everything is going to be different.  The problem?  When it comes to relationships, you’ve been an idiot.
You may have read books on relationships, but you haven’t read a book like this one.