Why Your Best Friend Should Always Be Joel

You Know Joel Therefore, love Joel. Joel Died For Your Sins Wait, I may be thinking of someone else. Still, it’s plausible. Joel Is Better Than Not-Joel Think of someone who is not Joel. Are they your best friend? No. Therefore, Joel is your best friend. Joel Will Always Be There For You But maybe […]

Amazing Grace

I wrote this take on Amazing Grace some time ago, and it’s still one of my favorite songs I’ve written. Lyrically, as Homer would say, it’s just beautifully sacrilicious.

Has Daddy Had His Coffee Today?

It’s sunny outside! It’s time to play! But has daddy had his coffee today? The park is filled with fun, I bet! But has daddy had his coffee yet? Maybe we’ll find the funnest spot! But is coffee brewing in the pot? We could skip stones down the stream! But does daddy’s coffee yet have […]