A New Home

Carlee is typical eleven-year-old: she loves roasted swan, hates swamp slugs, owns her own lakeside cottage, and has a dragon for a best friend, named Charlie.

When Charlie accidentally burns down Carlee’s cottage, the two friends set out to search for a new home. Unfortunately, the village mob, two murderous trolls, and a psychotic wizard with low self-esteem stand in their way.

The first novelette of The Adventures of Carlee and Charlie, humorist Matthew Dean’s debut satirical series for grown-up children and child-like adults.

“An astounding account of the dragon incident.  This is a must-have book for our village.”
-Furrybottom Flyer

“If nothing else, it is a guide to navigating relationships between humans and dragons.  Who cooks? Who flies? This book delves into all these sensitive issues and more.”
-The Kingdom Kourier

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