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Put Away Your Shoes

She’s a girl with twinkle eyes
And wears a smile like summertime
He’s a man, guitar in hand,
Who sings deep and it sounds so fine

She laces up her shoes and turns around
And begins to walk away
He picks up his guitar and tunes it up and
Begins to play

Oh sweet girl
Put away your shoes and
Listen to some music
What you got to lose, yeah

Oh sweet girl
There’s nothing’ here to do but
Slide into a groove and
Put away your shoes.

She hears the sound and turns around
And smiles down upon her feet
Her toe has started tappin
And her fingers, they are snappin’
At the beat

She puts her scarf up on the hearth
And takes a step Into the room
He smiles and keeps on strummin’
He sings and she starts hummin’
This tune

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