Joe the Class Frully

In the town I was raised,
In the school of my youth,
The kids hung together
In different groups

There were kids who liked baseball
And kids who sang songs
And kids who told jokes
And some laughed all day long.

But one kid stood out
By the name of Joe Tully.
The kids all made way
For Joe the class Frully.

“You there!” he would shout,
“Have you money for lunch?
“You don’t? Well, take this,
“And enjoy while you munch.”

Illustration by Will Robertson

“Hey kid!” Joe would yell.
“Yes, you with the glasses!
“You look very fine,
“I bet you do well in classes.”

“You again!” he would bark,
“I’ll see you after school!
“We’ll walk home together,
“To keep safe, if that’s cool.”

The Frully called Joe
Was the typical sort.
He helped you with homework.
He played fair in all sports.

If a kid felt low-down,
Or had a case of the ughs,
“You’re the best!” he would blare,
“And I offer free hugs.”

You always could tell,
When you were Joe’s mark.
The kids would all clap,
When you entered the park.

And no one escaped,
From the Frully called Joe.
“Hey you!” he would call,
“I just want you to know,
“If I see you again,
“If you dare show your face,
“Know you’ll always be loved.
“And you belong in this place.”

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