A Day in Splatsville

By my son, Duncan

Once upon a time, Agent 3 was casually taking a walk in Splatsville, listening to Calamari Incantation 3MIX in his hero headphones. Suddenly, Agent 3 heard a loud rumbling noise. Just then, Mr. Griz crashed out from behind a building and started using killer whales and triple inkstrikes. Everyone was in chaos, but Agent 3 knew what to do. They quickly grabbed a weapon from Sheldon’s shop that had the Zipcaster special, used the Zipcaster to latch onto Mr. Griz, and started stuffing splat bombs into his ear.

“Oh my god!” said Mr. Griz. “What the *@$& are you doing?”

Agent 3 jumped off when the Zipcaster expired and watched Mr. Griz explode. He got launched up into the air, but was still alive. When he landed, he was really badly injured and almost splatted. He used his double-fist punch and slammed Agent 3 backwards. He knew he couldn’t defeat Mr. Griz by himself, so he called up Agent 1, 2, 4, and The Captain. They all showed up in seconds, and all had insane hero weapons and, with that, they completely destroyed Mr. Griz!!

As a side note: if you have not played any Splatoon games, this will make no sense to you. So play them. I MEAN PLAY THEM.

The End.

Side note x2: I know I usually don’t post the first version of the story, but my son really wanted it to be on my website so I did.

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