Today as I was standing in line at Starbucks, About to order an eggnog latte. A man in a motorized wheelchair Came up behind me. I realized I was wearing a pedometer And I felt weird.

What Is Love?

Mockrats the Lemur discovers what love is. Made as a Valentine’s gift.

She Loved Waffles

She loved waffles. She was a waffle-lover. She would dream of them while she slept and while she was awake; their golden crispy edges dancing tantalizingly, their little grids of waffle-bumps repeating infinitely, their alluring scent drifting through the air, promising the almost devastatingly delicious explosion of maple-syrupy golden sweetness that would come with waffle-devouring.

Ode to Silly Putty

O glorious, globous goo, You don’t know how much I love you. Pinkish substance, stretching mass, Imprint yourself upon my mind. You are quite silly, O Silly Putty. You stay with me through clean and muddy. Show me backwards newspaper print, Ball of glory, Egg-shaped beauty, Be careful not to pick up lint. Whether pancake, […]