The Story of Remembrance Day

A lot of Canadians have misconceptions on what Remembrance Day really is. Some of our young people even refuse to wear the red poppy, saying that it’s associated with war. Instead, they wear a white poppy with the word “peace” on it. But their actions are seriously misinformed, and might, in fact, have the deadliest […]

Notable Awesomologist

I was interviewed recently by Matt Posner for the School of the Ages blog. Check it out!

Why Mommy Is Mad At Daddy

Do you remember your last holiday? When you and your Mommy travelled away? And Daddy stayed home, with much work to do, Even though he’d have liked to travel with you? Well, the night before you and your Mommy came home, Daddy was having an evening alone, Baking some muffins with apples and cream, And […]


Good day, sir. I said good day.